State measles test on Alaska girl comes back negative…because her measles came from the vaccine.

It’s very interesting that the child tested positive for measles, and had clinical evidence of the measles incuding a rash,but because it was a reaction to the measles vaccine, they said it’s not the measles.  What do you think about that?

State measles test on Alaska girl comes back negative.


St. Jude’s Hospital – Stay away from the recently vaccinated

It’s truly about medical choice.

“No one in the family was to receive a live-virus vaccine while my daughter was on treatment because these viruses can and do shed (1, 2, 3, 4), some for as much as four weeks (5), potentially infecting the immunocompromised patient with disastrous results. That includes the measles vaccine  (MMR II and ProQuad), the intranasal flu vaccine, and the chicken pox shot. In fact, my other children were able to get medical waivers not to receive vaccines because of my daughter’s illness.”


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